2022 National Bicycle Day

View Full Details of National Bicycle Day Presidential Proclamation Here

If you wish to create an activity for 2022 National Bicycle Day, kindly let us know using this form so we can assist in organizing or promoting the activity


  1. All participants must have the option to join for FREE
    1. If there is a raffle, ALL participants must be given at least 1 raffle stub
    2. No exclusive raffles allowed
    3. Participants may purchase extra raffle stubs from you no more than P20 per raffle stub
  2. Sponsors/partners must not have any affiliation with alcohol, weapons, tobacco, mining, oil & gasoline.
  3. You may fundraise by offering optional souvenir items
    1. Souvenir items are OPTIONAL and must never be required to be purchased by anyone
  4. Avoid politics and campaigning, but LGU’s and officials may organize to show their support for the Goals of NBD
  5. Goals of NBD:
    1. Clean air
    2. Less carbon footprint
    3. Less reliance on fossil fuels
    4. Less traffic
    5. Safer roads
    6. Healthy cities and citizens
    7. More use of Personal Mobility Devices such as Bicycles, Scooters, E-Bikes and the like
  6. DENR & NBO must not be used to solicit any items especially cash.
    1. DENR and NBO does not and will not solicit any cash or items for any of our activities.
  7. National Bicycle Day is was made as part of an advocacy. It should not be used as a profit making venture