Insurance Policy

Accident Medical ReimbursementP10,000P20,000
Permanent total disablementP100,000P200,000
Unprovoked assaultP100,000P200,000
Accidental deathP100,000P200,000
Unprovoked murderP100,000P200,000
Burial expense benefitP10,000P20,000


February 18, 2020

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: PA Exclusion List C mentions “Mountain Biking” and “Off road biking” as exclusions. Please note, this is for moderate to extreme mountain biking and off road biking as we in the cycling community know it.

We have added some photos about Moderate to Extreme Mountain & Off Road Biking. Keep in mind this will be on a case to case basis as determined by investigators.

Having Insurance is not a license to put your life in danger. The same principle applies to accidents involving other forms of transportation other than the bicycle. Scooters, motorcycle drivers, pedestrians, all must be responsible to not put their life in unnecessary danger in order to be covered.

Examples of Moderate to Extreme MTB/Off-Road Biking