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MARK YOUR CALENDARS! 4th National Bicycle Day is set for Sunday November 26, 2017! .

Recent Activities


February 21, 2017. Taken during the presentation of action plan and initiatives that will contribute towards people’s decision to use bicycles instead of motorized vehicles to the Department of Transportation (DOTr). We are very thankful for the warm reception and we look forward to the journey with DOTr up ahead.

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February 19, 2017. Photos taken during the relaunch of My BGC Bike Lanes at 9th Avenue, Highstreet, BGC.

Thank you Pru Life UK – Official for making this possible! My BGC Bike Lanes x Pru Life UK is now open every Sunday at Highstreet, BGC from 6 am to 6 pm.

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February 17, 2017. Meeting with MMDA AGM Julia Nebrija, Vincent from Smoove, and Christine and Pips of FBDC.


February 9, 2017. Photo taken with our friend Ms. Noemi of Cambodia Cycling and Ms. Christine of FBDC at Square One, BGC as we plan future possible projects.


February 9, 2017. Photo during the preparatory meeting for the launching of the Family Zones in Metro Manila spearheaded by the MMDA. Present are representatives from various LGUs of Metro Manila.

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February 1, 2017. Quick meeting with AGM Ms. Julia Nebrija of MMDA.


February 1, 2017. Photo taken during the launching of the upcoming Freedom Trail 2017 in celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Bataan Death March.

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January 22, 2017. Photos during The Commemoration Ride for the Heroes SAF 44 where thousands of bikers paid tribute to the fallen commandos.

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The PNP encourages everyone and all bike enthusiasts to join the Commemoration Ride for the SAF 44 Heroes, a Fun Bike Ride on January 22, 2017.

Be one with the PNP in remembering and honoring to the heroism and gallantry of the 44 SAF commandos who sacrificed their lives for us to have a peaceful country.


January 10, 2017. Coordination meeting for the upcoming Commemorative Ride for the Heroes SAF 44.

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pru-ride.jpgNovember 12, 2016. PRUride to London.

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November 3, 2016. PRUride to London Press Con


November 6, 2016. NBO Bike Lessons #MyBGCBikeLane powered by Pru Life UK

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October 27. BGC Greenway Launch

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Photos during the Bike Safety Seminar for the ROHM Electronics Philippines Inc. held October 24, 2016 atPeople’s Technology Complex, Carmona, Cavite, Cavite City.

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Photos taken last October 23 at Bonifacio Highstreet, Taguig City. We would like to thank Bonifacio Global City for providing a safe environment for everyone to bike and learn how to bike. We would also like to thank the MMDA for lending bikes for everyone to use.  #MyBGCBikeLanesxPruLifeUK

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Photos during the Bike Safety Seminar for IPadyak held October 21 at the Intellectual Property Office-Philippines at McKinley, Taguig City.

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Group photo of the NBO Marshals w/ Ms. Christine of FBDC last October 15 at UP Diliman in preparation for the #MyBGCBikeLanes and the upcoming #NBOBikeLessons.


Photos taken during the MMDA and LGU visits last October 12 to 14 in preparation for the upcoming 3rd National Bicycle Day: Makati LGU, Las Pinas LGU, Quezon City LGU, QCDPOS, Marikina Bikeways Office, TPMO-Pasig, San Juan LGU, Mandaluyong LGU, MMDA. Save the date! November 27 is the #3rdNBD2016!

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October 10, 2016. Photo with Ms. Ellaine Fuentes and the crew of Net 25’s Aprub! where we discussed bike safety, advocacy and future plans towards a bicycle friendly Philippines.


October 6, 2016. The Stakeholders’ Meeting was attended by a wide audience of road safety stakeholders and advocates. The objectives were to discuss global updates on road safety, the current situation and actions of road safety in the Philippines and the road safety risk factors/issues and police recommendations.


September 27, 2016, taken at DENR. 3rd National Bicycle Day is set for November 27, 2016 NATIONWIDE! Present were representatives from: Pasig LGU, MMDA BLPO, Makati LGU San Juan LGU, QCDPOS, Paranaque LGU, PNP-HPG, Pasay LGU, and Taguig LGU.


Septemer 13, 2016.Taken during the 1st North Route Coordination Meeting held at DENR. Present were representatives from: Pasig LGU, San Juan LGU and DENR.


September 8, 2016. Taken during the 1st South Route Coordination Meeting held at DENR. Present were representatives from: Paranaque LGU, Muntinlupa LGU, Mandaluyong LGU, Makati LGU, MMDA-OC, MMDA-TPO BLP, PNP-HPG, PNP-NCRPO and DENR.


September 27, 2016. Photo taken at the University of the Philippines – Diliman where the National Bicycle Organization was invited to give a talk about bike commuting, bike parking and advocacy to the Masteral Class of Health and Leisure.


September 20, 2016. Photo taken during the Bike Safety Seminar for the Lasaliyan Cyclists held at De La Salle-Lipa, Lipa City, Batangas.

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September 14, 2016. Photo taken during the Training Program and Consultation on Bike Commuting in Metro Manila held at Globe Tower, Bonifacio Global City in partnership with Philippine Business for the Environment to promote the Shift Towards a Bicycle Friendly Metro Manila.

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August 8, 2016, meeting with Acting-Mayor Coun. Gabuya on how to make Cebu City more bicycle friendly at Cebu City Hall.


August 7, 2016, NBO coorganized the Peace Road 2016 Philippines held at the Quezon Memorial Circle with the theme: “One Global Family United to Realize One Dream” (Padyak at Alay Lakad para sa Kapayapaan at Pagbabago)

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July 30, 2016, During the Around-Clark Bike Tour where hundreds of bikers pedaled their way to the various attractions around the freeport zone


July 31, 2016, NBO Director gave a talk on how to be a bicycle friendly city during the Bike Tour Expo 2016 at SM Clark, Pampanga.

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July 16, 2016, Urban Riding Safety Seminar for Bgry. 15, Caloocan City held at Brgy. 15 Central Barangay Hall, Caloocan City.

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13606829_1064527110251667_6056859661694824113_n.jpgJuly 11, 2016. NBO signs commitment and partnership with Philippine Business for the Environment at the Sustainable Mobility Project 2.0 Manila organized by the PBE.

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13537672_1056537791050599_7816364054040120983_nJune 28, 2016. Urban Riding Safety Seminar held June 28, 2016 at Rainforest Park, Pasig City for the Pasig City Bike Patrol.

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00June 26, 2016. NBO Bike Lessons for June!

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01.jpgJune 25, 2016. FMB Day Bike Hike Plant!

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02.jpgJune 23, 2016. Final Coordination Meeting for FMB Day Bike Hike Plant. Present were representatives of the DENR-FMB, Province of Rizal, Antipolo, Marikina, Quezon City, Cainta, and Pasig

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03.jpgJune 20, 2016. NBO Joins the Mt. Isarog Extreme Eco Endurance Challenge. NBO’s very own Head Marshal Ernani Loreto came in 19th Place!

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June 18, 2016. Last June 18, 2016. NBO was treated to dinner by FL Farah Bongat, CJ Zantua, and the Organizing community leaders in Naga and Sorogon.

04June 18, 2016. Naga City Ecotourism Forum. Naga City ENRO, Tourism and NBO gave talks about Responsible Development of Eco-Tourism and a Bicycle Friendly Naga City.

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June 18, 2016. NBO National Bicycle Tour visits Naga City courtesy of the generous invitation and accommodation of Naga LGU for the Tree Planting Activity in celebration of Arbor Day. In Photo: NBO Representatives with Mayor John G. Bongat.

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IMG_20160613_104127.jpgJune 13, 2016. Quick Meeting with Ms. Susan Afan, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc.

05June 12, 2016. Lunch with with FBDC Property Planning, Fort Bonifacio Development Foundation, BGC City Marketing, Editor-in-Chief of Top Gear Philippines, and a BGC Bike Share user at the 1st day of Bike lanes testing by BGC.

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06.jpgJune 11, 2016. NBO Bike Marshals @ the Alaska World Milk Day Run.

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07.jpgJune 9, 2016. Meeting with Universal Peace Federation Philippines to plan for the 2016 Peace Ride.

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IMG_8401.JPGJune 8, 2016. FMB Day Coordination Meeting @ DENR FMB with Antipolo, Marikina, Quezon City and the Province of Rizal

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June 6-8, 2016. The FMB Booth @ Robinsons Galleria for the Philippine Environment Month Exhibit organized by DENR


May 20, 2016. Post Assessment meeting for Earth Day Bike Parade held at DENR Social Hall with DENR SCIS Director Sabrina R. Cruz


May 15, 2016. NBO @ DZMM Kapamilya Connect talking about Road Safety and what we need for a Bicycle Friendly Culture

May 14, 2016. NBO Manages the Route Operations of Alaska Cycle Asia

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May 11, 2016. 1st Ocular of Site for the FMB Day Bike to Plant Event


2nd Urban Riding Seminar @ BGC held May 6, 2016

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April 29, 2016. 1st FMB Coordination Meeting for FMB Day


Earth Day Bike Parade 2016 official Photos. EDBP was held last April 24, 2016 hosted by Makati LGU

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11.jpgEarth Day Covenant Signing held last April 20, 2016 @ DENR in support of COP21 commitment of the Philippines

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122nd Security Meeting held April 20, 2016 for the Earth Day Bike Parade 2016

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14.jpgNBO Marshals General Assembly and Open Forum held last April 17, 2016

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Security Meeting Rounds for the Earth Day Bike Parade 2016 with PNP: QC, Pasig, San Juan, Makati and Mandaluyong last April 15, 2016

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2nd coordination meeting with Earth Day Bike Parade Venue Host Makati LGU held April 13 at Makati City Hall

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16Photos from the 2nd coordination meeting held at DENR with MMDA Traffic Discipline Office, HPG-Operation Management Division, DENR GSD, MMDA ETED, DES Makati, EMB AFMB, San Juan Sports Department, CENRO Pasig, Mandaluyong and PRC on April 12 in preparation for the upcoming Earth Day Bike Parade 2016 happening on April 24.

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NBO Bike Marshals are the Bike Marshals for the Batman v Superman Fun Run 2016. For those who would like to join the NBO Bike Marshals Corps, please visit  https://nationalbicycle.org.ph/marshall-training/

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1st Coordination Meeting with Makati, the Host for Earth Day Bike Parade 2016

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1st coordination meeting held last March 29, 2016 at DENR in preparation for the Earth Day Bike Parade 2016.

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March 27, 2016. NBO Leads the Safety Tips and Reminders for Children  at the Growee Kids on Bikes 2016 in UP Diliman

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March 6, 2016. NBO Leads the Safety Tips and Reminders for Children  at the Growee Kids on Bikes 2016 in MOA

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23.jpgNBO Bike Marshals are the Bike Marshals for the  PNP Bisikleta Kontra Droga 2016. For those who would like to join the NBO Bike Marshals Corps, please visit  https://nationalbicycle.org.ph/marshall-training/

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Bisikleta Kontra Droga Held last March 27, 2016.

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25.jpgMultiple Coordination Meetings in Preparation for the PNP Bisikleta Kontra Droga held at Camp Crame.

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NBO Bike Marshals are the Bike Marshals for the  MVP Fun Run 2016. For those who would like to join the NBO Bike Marshals Corps, please visit  https://nationalbicycle.org.ph/marshall-training/

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27.jpgMarch 15, 2016 Urban Riding Seminar held today at BGC during the Launching of the BGC Bike Sharing Program.

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NBO Bike Marshals are the Bike Marshals for the Fedrun 2016. For those who would like to join the NBO Bike Marshals Corps, please visit https://nationalbicycle.org.ph/marshall-training/

7 11 Skyway

NBO Bike Marshals are the Bike Marshals for the 7-11 Run 2016. For those who would like to join the NBO Bike Marshals Corps, please visit https://nationalbicycle.org.ph/marshall-training/

12645210_968034906567555_4905964582093804095_n.jpgJanuary 27, 2016. 2nd National Bicycle Day Post Assessment Meeting @ DENR

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2015-11-15 08.46.48.jpg

November 15, 2015. Makati City signs a letter of support for NBO and NBD. Also commits to a bicycle parking ordinance 😀

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September 16, 2015. Quezon City moves once again towards becoming a Bicycle Friendly City. In photo, NBO collaborating with QC Councilor Allan Reyes as QC plans the next steps in making the shift towards a bicycle-friendly Philippines

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2015-06-10 15.12.062015-06-23 17.05.37unnamed

BGC has begun the shift towards bicycle friendliness. Some highlights that came out of the talks:

1. Bike Parking Space to be mandated in every building to promote biking to work!

2. Bike parking space to be provided in popular hangout places in BGC to encourage people to visit these places on bikes

3. Bike seminars for people who would like to bike to work in BGC so they may know how to bike safely in an urban setting.

3. Bike lanes, bike lanes and more bike lanes (to follow)

We shall update everyone as they begin to execute these plans. The good news is: the bike parking in hang out places is already underway!


June 5, 2015. Planning for the road sharing exercise towards solving Metro Manila’s traffic and transportation woes. With GM Cora Jimenez (MMDA), Dean Evasco (OPAEP), Paulo Burro (Share the Road Movement), Karen, Rosar and Benedict (National Bicycle Organization)


January 4, 2015: Creating a nationwide action plan to create bike lanes, promote pedestrianization and infrastructure for Non Motorized Transportation with DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya, DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson, QC Mayor and League of Mayors President Herbert Bautista, Cebu Mayor Mike Rama, Atty. Oposa, Sen. Franklin Drilon, and representatives of National Bicycle Organization Benedict Camara, Karen and Rosar Crisostomo @ Manila Polo Club, another milestone in the shift towards a Bicycle Friendly Philippines


Dec 15, 2014. Public hearing for sustainable transport bill @ the Senate of the Philippines


Dec 3, 2014: At the Senate to receive their support of Non-motorized transportation, road sharing and the Share the Road movement. We cannot solve a problem using the same mindset that created it in the first place. A shift in the mindset of how we deal with transport, traffic, mobility is needed to create a solution. This involves supporting non motorized transportation, pedestrianization and efficient mass transportation systems