2022 National Bicycle Day


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Please make sure you have all the items on the checklist, especially your own water and working brakes. You will be riding in a group, it is very important that your brakes are working to avoid any accidents

PARADE RULES (Since 2014)

  1. Stay in the group.
    1. If you sprint ahead or purposefully bike slow so that you are left behind the parade, you are considered OUT of the parade.
    2. This is a Parade, not a race.
  2. Bring your own water bottle. There will be a hydration station but you must bring your own water container. No plastic, paper or styro cups will be provided. You must bring your own water bottle
  3. SHARE THE ROAD: Keep to the side of the road, do not block the roads. Allow motorists to pass.
  4. If you have any pre existing condition such as heart problems or are in poor health, we would like to request for you to abstain from joining this activity as it would be taxing to your health and could lead to heart attack. If you would insist on joining please report to the medical team so we will be aware that you are going to ride.
  5. Always wear helmet during the ride. Our marshals will be on the lookout for cyclists without helmet.
  6. In case your bike gets a flat or breaks for whatever reason, support vehicles will bring you to the nearest safest place for you to go home. Example: Malls, Barangay Halls, City Halls, Police Stations etc…
    1. Support vehicles are limited to each LGU, they will not carry you throughout the entire route