NBO Parade Ride Rules

Dear Participants here are some rules that must be followed in our activities in so we can take care of you.

  1. Stay back. This is not a race
    1. Do not go ahead of the lead vehicle. or the children located at the front of the parade. Our lead Vehicle is an E-Jeep provided by  NBO partners PHUV and EJAP.

      Photo of Lead Vehicle

  2. Share the Road. We want peace and unity for all vehicles who use the road. Let us show them cyclists are Disciplined people!
    1. We will occupy 1-2 lanes only at all times. Keep right (or left) as the lead marshals and peripheral marshals signal. This is to allow vehicular traffic to pass and not cause any traffic congestion.

      Great show of Road Sharing and Cycling Discipline!

  3. Bring your own water bottle.
    1. Our water stations do not provide paper or plastic cups in order to minimize waste.

      Photo Taken from https://blogs.ntu.edu.sg/hp331-2014-33/?page_id=91