DENR History and Nature Tour 2018


  • This ride is FREE to join. Libre lang po sumali sa ride na ito
  • Bring your own water bottle and allowance for food.
  • Ambulance and Support Vehicle will be on standby, tailing the parade to assist any downed riders.
  • Average speed shall be 12-15kph. Please observe the rules:
    • If you overtake out lead marshals you are considered OUT of the Parade and are no longer our responsibility
    • If you take too much time or are biking too slow to keep up with the parade, you are considered OUT of the Parade and will be asked to ride the SAG
  • This is a parade, this is not a race
  • Share the road! Keep to the right, occupy only one lane

Souvenir Shirts

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You can purchase your own shirt if you wish but availing these official ride shirts are optional and not required.

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Route Time and Motion