Frequently Asked Questions

For all Bike Lessons Concerns/Inquiries/Scheduling/Reservations kindly Contact

RIZALEEN ABEJERO: 0936-957-9176.


  • Why is there a payment?
    • We are not sponsored
    • We need to feed our instructors and stay hydrated during the day
    • There is a considerable cost/expense to setup
    • You are helping our instructors make a living
    • Bikes need monthly repair and replacement parts
  • Do I have to bring my own bike?
    • No need, bicycles will be provided for your use
  • How much per session?
    • P300 through online registration only
  • How many sessions do I need to learn?
    • 99.9999999% of the time people just need one session.
  • How long is one session?
    • 2 hours
  • How long does it usually take to learn?
    • On average, most learn 30-40 minutes. A few learn as fast as 3 minutes while there are rare instances when someone needs 2 sessions.
  • Can we just walk in?
    • No, during this time of Pandemic no walk ins allowed, everyone must register online beforehand
  • Can I use my own bike?
    • Yes, unless it is not ideal for learning how to bike
  • Are your lessons 1:1?
    • Sometimes 1:2 at most 1:3
  • Is there a minimum age?
    • Yes ideally 8-9 years old is almost guaranteed to learn. Younger ages it depends on other factors such as physiological development, willingness to learn how to bike
  • Is there a maximum age?
    • No, you are never too old to learn. We have even had some grandmothers learn how to bike the past years so they can bike with their grandchildren who we taught as well.