Teens Bike Activities



The Teens Bike Activities this will cater to the 10-17 year olds. This is a PEDAL bike activity using Mountain Bikes with the following general specifications:

  1. Any gearing allowed
  2. Maximum 26in wheelset
  3. 2 in minimum tire width required. Off road type tires recommended since there will be some off road
  4. MTB type frame, suspension allowed
  5. Standard MTB type handlebar
  6. Cleats are allowed
  7. Working front and rear brakes, any type of brake is allowed

Registration Link: Click here to register


  • All finishers receive finishers medal and certificate
  • Ranking on the Amateur Ranking System
  • 1st Place: Trophy
  • 2nd Place: Trophy
  • 3rd Place: Trophy


  1. There will be a maximum of 50 slots for each age category
  2. Riders will race criterium style lasting 1 hour 30 minutes.

Safety Gear

  1. Helmets are a must. Helmets must be well fitted. Substandard helmets or helmets that fall off are not allowed
  2. Closed shoes.