Parade Etiquette

Stay in your Section: Everyone wants to be in front. But please keep in mind this is a Parade and not a race. Where is your section you may ask? Here below is a list of the sections and who must be in them.

  • Front Section: 
    • This is for the MMDA and PNP or other Government provided means of making sure the Parade passes through smoothly. Please stay out of this section so that the Escorts may do their job. Biking around here serves no purpose other than being a burden to the Pacer Marshals who would have to break formation to ask you to go back or leave
  • Pacer Section: 
    • This is the section where the pacer marshals control the speed of the parade. You may only be here if you are:
      1. A Pacer Marshall
      2. A Costumed Participant
      3. A Child
      4. A Parent Escorting their Child
    • If you are none of the above, please stay out of this section. You will be interfering with the Pacers as well as placing the children and costumed participants in danger by overcrowding this section.
  • The Main Peloton/Section:
    • This is the section where most participants must be. If you are:
      1. A participant
    • Congratulations this is where you should be!
  • The Sweeper Section:
    • This is where Sweeper marshals pick up and assist any Downed Riders. Stay out of this area so as not to be mistaken as a struggling/straggling rider in need. If you are:
      1. Experiencing any trouble in continuing with the parade, this section is for you.
    • Just go to the side of the road somewhere visible to await the arrival of the sweeper team will assist you.

Ride Safely and  Defensively: NBD is not a race, it is a parade. Please observe the following:

  1. Keep a safe distance from each other. Don’t ride too close to avoid pedals and handlebars snagging into one another and causing a crash.
  2. Avoid sudden swerving and sudden stops because it may cause the biker behind you to bump into you or others.
  3. Use hand signals or call out to signify if you are moving to the left or right or stopping.
  4. Gradually move to the side of the road if you need to stop
  5. No fancy demo jumps or zigzag riding to avoid accidents.

Your own water bottle: We would like to minimize the use of paper of plastic cups. In this regard plese bring your own personal water bottle container/bottle to place water in. We will have water stations placed throughout the route for you to refill your water bottle from