About National Bicycle Day

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November 23, 2014  is the 1st National Bicycle Day in the Philippines!
This year, with the daily, time-consuming, stress-filled traffic gridlock that has been the general scene all over the metropolis, bicycling  makes more sense than driving a car, squeezing into a toxic-fume-spewing jeep/bus or even lining up to take the crowded and dreaded MRT/LRT  to get to one’s destination.
To address this pressing issue, the Department of Natural Resources (DENR)  through the Environment Management Bureau (EMB) and the National Bicycle Organization (NBO) has petitioned the Office of the President to declare the month of November as National Bicycle Month and Every 4th Sunday of November thereafter as National Bicycle Day.
Bicycling is not only good for the environment but it is also a solution to our current transportation woes. It is an efficient and fun way to get around, avoid getting stuck in traffic while getting the exercise you need to stay healthy without having to make the extra time to work out.
Put the fun between your legs. Get on your bicycles and be counted.
Sign up /Register. Volunteer. Support.
There will be 6 simultaneous rides nationwide.
National Capital Region (17 cities of Metro Manila)
1. North Route passing through the Northern cities of Manila (San Juan, Manila, Navotas, Malabon, Caloocan, Quezon City, marikina, Pasig) with start off point at Greenhills Shopping Center
2. South Route passing through the Southern cities of Manila (Pasig, Taguig, Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Las Pinas, Pasay, Makati, Mandaluyong) with start off point at Tiendesitas
(see Routes Sec for more details)
3. Central Luzon (Pampanga)
4. Northern Luzon (Ilocos Sur)
5. Visayas (Iloilo City)
6. Mindanao (Davao City)
Join the 1st ever National Bicycle Day on Sunday, November 23, 2014 and watch a whole nation make the shift towards a Bicycle Friendly Philippines.