4th National Bicycle Day

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4th National Bicycle Day is an Epic Night Ride around 11, yes 11 cities in Metro Manila!

Why did we chose to hold an Epic night ride?

  1. It is a fun and new experience! For the past 3 years we have done the North and South Routes converging into one end point, something that was also unique and never been done before. We feel its time to shake things up a bit.
  2. You get to see what Metro Manila would be like if everyone would be biking instead of using their cars.
  3. It is cool and less tiring, without the heat of the Sun, cyclists would be less stressed and prone to the effects of cycling under the sun
  4. We get to start National Bicycle Day IMMEDIATELY!!! Remember November 26 begins at 12MN. We are talking about the Day here not the sunrise
  5. You all can STILL go to long rides/out of town rides/join other bike events AFTER the National Bicycle Day Parade
  6. Participants will experience much less traffic to contend with, and we will have less impact to motorists.


  • Assembly: 12MN, KM 0 Luneta
  • Ride out: 1:00AM, KM 0 Luneta
  • Ride End: 7:00AM, KM 0 Luneta
  • Total distance: 72 KMS
    • You do not have to finish the entire Parade. Feel free to start along the route and end along the route where you think  

Cities to be passed

  1. Manila
  2. Pasay
  3. Paranaque
  4. Las Pinas
  5. Muntinlupa
  6. Taguig
  7. Makati
  8. Mandaluyong
  9. Pasig
  10. Marikina
  11. Quezon City

Route (Click on the map to zoom in 6MB File)

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There are 2 kinds for registration:

  1. FREE Registration: Opens at 12MN @ KM 0 Luneta
    1. Free registration comes with one (1) raffle stub. You will get a chance to win Trinx  Mountain Bikes and other Raffle Items
    2. Free registration comes with a certificate of participation
    3. One Bike Sticker
    4. Free registration closes at 1AM SHARP. Please come early. We will cut the line off by 1:00AM
  2. Registration with Shirt: You may register online HERE. No On-Site registration
    1. Registration with shirt comes with Four (4) raffle stubs. You will get more chances to win Trinx  Mountain Bikes and other Raffle Items
    2. Free registration comes with a certificate of participation
    3. One Bike Sticker.

The souvenir shirts P350 Each

Sample of reflective prints. Perfect for Bike Commuting and night rides. You may register online HERE. No On-Site registration

blue shirt

Blue Dri fit with 100% reflective prints

white shirt

Dri Fit A3 Sublimated with Reflective Decal on Sleeves

black shirt

Black Dri fit with 100% reflective prints


  1. Stay in the group.
    1. If you sprint ahead or purposefully bike slow so that you are left behind the parade, you are considered OUT of the parade.
    2. This is a Parade, not a race.
  2. Bring your own water bottle. There will be a hydration station but you must bring your own water container.
  3. SHARE THE ROAD: Keep to the side of the road, do not block the roads. Allow motorists to pass.
  4. If you have any pre existing condition such as heart problems or are in poor health, we would like to request for you to abstain from joining this activity as it would be taxing to your health and could lead to heart attack. If you would insist on joining please report to the medical team so we will be aware that you are going to ride.
  5. Always wear helmet during the ride. Our marshals will be on the lookout for cyclists without helmet.
  6. Bring blinkers and night lights! Wear your flashiest, brightest cycling attire