What is National Bicycle Month?

The 1st National Bicycle Month is set for November 2016 and every November thereafter to complement the National Environmental Awareness Month and other celebrations connected to bicycle use such as Health and Road Safety.

Why the Need for National Bicycle Month?

The number of LGU’s and Provinces participating in National Bicycle Day is rising and is getting difficult and to synchronize and schedule everything on the 4th Sunday of November.

Also, a number of organizers and organizations would like to hold events aligned with the objectives of National Bicycle Day but are unable to conduct it on the 4th Sunday of November. It breaks our heart and it feels wrong to exclude well meaning groups and bicycle events just because they cannot hold their event on the 4th Sunday of November.

In this regard we are declaring November as National Bicycle Month! In this way more organizers. LGU’s, organizations, institutions and bike groups would be encouraged to create events/activities throughout the Month of November that would encourage, pursue and support any of the goals and objectives of National Bicycle Day and National Bicycle Organization.

We will also publish your event so that everyone will know what is happening, when and where and can plan their visits to your events in advance.