Rules & Mechanics



  1. This is not a race.
  2. Marshals/Tour Guides will be escorting you to each destination at a controlled pace.
    • If you overtake our lead marshals and lead vehicles it will be considered leaving the tour, you will be considered outside our area of responsibility
    • A support vehicle will be trailing the tour to assist riders who would need to take a break. You will be brought to the next destination where you can resume the tour after you have rested.
  3. Share the road: Keep right. We will only occupy one lane in SBMA. Let us show that cyclists are disciplined and we do not cause any traffic congestion.
  4. Bring your own water bottle. Stopovers will be providing adequate water, let us do our part to reduce plastic and paper consumption.
  5. Ambulance and Support Vehicle will be on standby, tailing the parade to assist any downed riders.
  6. No helmet no ride.


  1. You will be given a Map, Identifying # and an Empty Drawstring bag. Your 1st objective is to visit each destination on the map to have you map
  2. Take a photo of yourselves and/or your bike group at each venue13912334_10210214645302093_6667380533600593791_n
  3. Collect your loot/freebies from each stopover