Repair the Repair Stations Project

From missing tools to broken tools to stolen tools to vandalized stations, all 20 bike repair stations need rehabilitation.

BGC is committed to providing the cycling community with support so they want all their repair stations up and running as soon as possible.

These stations once rehabilitated will not just benefit BGC Citizens but all cyclists who visit and pass through their property everyday especially during weekends since they are free to use.

Our goal is to repair all 20 repair stations in BGC by the end of February 2023.

We need your help!

We shall be installing tools every Sunday 10:00AM-1:00PM for the whole month of February. We are looking for volunteers to come help us install the tools. To volunteer kindly join our Repair the Repair Stations Viber Group here

What are the basic tools we will be installing?

We have acquired 20 sets of each of the following tools which will be the basic core of the Bike Repair Stations

  1. Allen wrench 4, 5 & 6 mm
  2. 6in Adjustable wrench
  3. 10in Adjustable wrench
  4. 8mm-9mm wrench
  5. 14mm-15mm wrench
  6. 2 Cone Spanner
  7. 3 Bicycle Tire Irons (Zefal Plastic)
  8. Screw Drivers Phillips and Flat
  9. Foot pump for Schrader and Presta valves

Bike Groups can Adopt a Bike Repair Station

We are calling the community of bike groups to adopt one or more bike repair stations. Your group will be responsible for monitoring the health of your adopted station once we have finished installing all the basic tools and reporting any issues you may find.

To adopt a bike repair station kindly Viber Benedict at 0999-926-8566