One Nation. One Ordinance. One Step Towards A Bicycle Friendly Philippines

Dear Cycling Community,
It has almost been a year since the 1st National Bicycle Day and we are so happy to announce that the groundwork we have all been doing together has been bearing fruit. We have been lobbying to help formulate policies in the interest of the vulnerable road users, specially the cyclists and the pedestrians as we work with the LGUs and government agencies making the national shift towards a Bicycle-Friendly Philippines.
Throughout 2015 we have been working non-stop in order to gain support. Indeed, some LGUs and government agencies have already prepared and executed the groundwork for long term plans toward becoming bicycle-friendly. Implementation of these policies will take our plans to the next level until we have attained our goals.
You can see a list of lobby work here.
The 2nd National Bicycle Day marks a milestone in lobby work for the promotion of cycling. This time, all LGUs and government agencies who will celebrate National Bicycle Day, will take the first step in becoming bike-friendly by legislating a Bicycle Parking Ordinance. This ordinance shall pave the way for widespread acceptance of the bicycle, as well as eliminate discrimination of cyclists when they use their bicycles.
This is the first concrete step and definitely not the last in achieving our long term plans toward a biker-friendly future for the Philippines.
Together we can MAKE IT HAPPEN through taking small but deliberate steps toward our plans which includes secure parking for our bicycles and safer roads through Bicycle Lanes.
All these are our forward thrusts for a better environment for this generation and for future generations to come. We envision that one day we will live in a nation that has clean air, quiet congestion-free roads, citizens leading a less stressful life, more savings and a happier nation.
If you would like to Support the Bike Parking Ordinance in your city or municipality, kindly Fill out this form
See you on November 22, 2015!
– National Bicycle Organization
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