Photos of Jersey

January 4, 2023 Update

All 2023 Jerseys will now have the new PBR (Push Bike Racing) Logo in front. Last year we did not have a logo yet that is why the jerseys had the text “Push Bike Racing” in front.

Design #8: New design March 25, 2024 – PBR Rockfish PH Black and White

MassKara Edition Designs

Design #1: Green

Design #2: Blue

Design #3: Pink

Design #4: Red

Design #5: Blue-Yellow Duo Tone

Design #6: Aqua Sky

Design #7: Red-Blue Duo Tone

Sizing Chart

Jersey is full sublimated dri fit material. Cost is PhP600

For your child’s name at the back, kindly limit it to 12 characters.

Cut off for orders is 7 days before the event. After that it is 50/50 chance if we can have the jersey made in time for the event.

For those who want a jersey but will not join the race

Click here to order though this registration form