Q: Do I need my own push bike?
A: No, we have push bikes you may rent

Q: Does my child need their own helmet?
A: preferably yes. We do not like to rent out helmets since we classify them as a personal item

Q: Are helmets required?
A: Yes, this rule cannot be bent or broken

Q: Do we need other gear like elbow pads, knee pads, gloves
A: No, your child may join without these

Q: Can my child use slippers or sandals?
A: No, participants must wear closed toed shoes

Rules and Regulations (Same as in Registration form)

  1. Any Balance Bike may be used as long as bike is worthy and will not put the participant in danger.
  2. Size of push bike is 12x. 12x means the tire size is 12inches
  3. There may be other special categories that will arise, such as 14x, 16x and 20x wheel size pedal races. You must be mindful of the specified size for these special categories
  4. Parent waives organizers and partners harmless for any accident, injuries or damages sustained before, during or after the activity.
  5. No parents are allowed on track during competition. Interference by family member with participants may result in disqualification
  6. All riders may be assisted on the start hill/ramp only. One parent limit in start area.
  7. Parent must not make any contact with bike or rider at the start of the race (while counting/ no pushing).
  8. Riders in standard classes must be able to complete course unassisted for a finishing position.
  9. At a minimum, every rider will be allowed to run three race laps.
  10. Start position will be determined by registration date and time.
  11. Age groups for racing are based on rider’s age the day of the race.
  12. Bikes must be properly fitted to the rider with final decision being made by the official.
  13. All bikes must pass a basic inspection to verify compliance with the race rules and ensure safety for the rider and fellow participants.
  14. No modifications of bike frame or fork are allowed.
  15. After market components such as wheels, seats, and handle bars are acceptable but are subject to safety inspection by race official.
  16. All riders must wear a helmet which meets the u.s. Cpsc, dot, or similar safety standards.
  17. Please keep the finishing area free so kids will cross the finish line and we are able to count properly
  18. We are not responsible for any accident, injuries or damage made by the participants
  19. We will add your email address to a parents mailing list. You may unsubscribe by replying “Unsubscribe”.
  20. We may use all pictures and videos captured at the event and use the kids name on the race results list and other lists related to PBR.
  21. No refund for last minute cancellations. 48 Hours before the activity
  22. No reservation will be confirmed until full payment is received.