NBO Bicycle Aid

Application status:

Since the pandemic started in 2020 we have been awarding bikes to deserving individuals thanks to some members who would like to share their blessings.

To avoid opportunistic people from taking advantage of this initiative we have come up with some basic criteria:

  1. Must have a job. If the applicant is idle and will just use the bike for “fun ride” or “blogging”, we will not grant a bike.
  2. No padrino system. If the applicant is close to someone from NBO, this does not mean they will be favored. We will give to the one who needs the most.
  3. Must use the bicycle as a means of commuting to and from work.

Who are priorities

Workers who have experienced hard times due to their working days being reduced. Their reduced work days leads to less income which is further reduced by another 50-60% due to the cost of commuting and day to day expenses.

How to nominate

  1. Check to see if the status for applications is OPEN. We will usually textblast the network members for nominations.
  2. If the status is OPEN, kindly email your nomination with your endorsement why this persons life will change if they are given a bicycle. Send email to nbdsecretariat@gmail.com
  3. Nominations are accepted from network members only.
    1. You can join the National Bicycle Network here for free