Makati Street Meet PBR League (MSMPBRL)


The Makati Street Meet PBR League (MSMPBRL) is a weekly meetup for kids to practice and race with each other.

Newcomers are welcome!

You do not need to own a push bike, we have push bikes you may use on site.

The MSMPBRL will have its own separate league rankings from the PBR overall rankings, but once every month we will have one MSMPBRL where the results will be credited to the PBR overall rankings and the MSMPBRL Rankings


Time for age categories for the weekly practice. Race schedule is posted on the main PBR Page

  • 2pm-3pm: 2 years old and below only
  • 3pm-4pm: 3 years old and below only
  • 4pm-5pm: 4 years old and below only
  • 5pm-6pm: 6 years old and below only


  • No certificates of participation or awards since this is a weekly practice meetup.
  • However, we will have one (1) ranked MSMBPRL activity every month. Ranking here will reflect both in the MSMPBRL rankings and PBR Main Rankings

Participation fees:

  • Participation fee: P200 only
  • For those who have do not have a push bike.
    • Push Bike Rental: P200 only
  • Permanent reusable number plate: P100 only
    • This is a one time purchase that you can use repeatedly for the rest of the year


  • List of dates are on the registration form


Walk-Ins only for this venue

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