Leg Band Giveaway!

Keep Bike Commuters visible as they go home from work… and keep their pants clean and out of contact with the chain ring too, by helping us provide affordable leg bands to the public!

These reflective leg bands are made of high quality materials that will last its owners a lifetime. They are 2 inches wide, providing good visibility and are 16 inches long; long enough to fit persons with above average sized shins or ankles.

You will also be providing livelihood to a local community since these leg bands are 100% made in the Philippines. We can place your logo/brand/name on the Leg Band as seen in these samples:

C360_2014-12-19-02-11-56-190            C360_2014-12-19-02-13-33-072


Send an E-Mail to: nbdsecretariat@gmail.com with “Leg Band Giveaway” as the subject.
How we will give these leg bands away:

  1. You may specify a specific organization/institution to whom we will give these leg bands to
  2. You may create an online contest/raffle/game
  3. Allow us to randomly stand in different corners of the city and hand out these leg bands to Bike Commuters Passing by
    PS: This is the most fun option! We will document it and post the pictures on our website and social media sites

Looking forward to hearing from you,
-National Bicycle Organization