We are looking for the following:

  • Preschool & Highschool teachers
  • Collegiate level teachers are welcome but must be able to be patient with kids
  • Staff/Crew – Those with experience hosting and entertaining at birthday parties in fast food establishments
  • Cyclists and other bike advocates


All applicants must be able to be:

  • Physically able – We are not looking for muscular super fit people. You just have to be able to be physically active in an outdoor setting
  • Outgoing personality – You have to be someone who enjoys interacting with people especially children
  • 18 years old and up only.
  • Must pass our interview and on job training process which lasts 4 days
  • Must commit all Saturdays and/or Sundays.

How to apply

Kindly send your resume/biodata to to schedule an appointment for training and interview

Benefits of working for us

  • Extra part time work on weekends only (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Fun, social activity
  • Do your part for health, environment and grassroots development of cycling
  • Food and Transportation will be provided for
  • Above minimum wage compensation