Who may Join NBD?
Any able bodied person may participate in the NBD Parade 🙂
Can I join even if I am not from any of the venues?
Yes! Everyone is invited to participate for free
Do I have to be a local resident to participate in a particular venue? For example, if I am from Davao, must I participate in Davao only?
No. You may participate in any one the NBD venues
Do I have to pay a fee to join the NBD parade?
No! Joining the NBD parade is free. Registration is optional for those who would like a souvenir item and to join the raffle
Do I claim my participant’s shirt or jersey in the venue I registered at?
Yes. You may only claim your participant’s shirt or jersey in the venue you registered in. For example: if you registered in Pampanga, you will have to claim your shirt or jersey in San Fernando Claiming Center one week before NBD.
Can I register in one venue and then participate in another venue? For example I registered in a Metro Manila center but participate in the Iloilo NDB Parade?
Yes! But you will be part of the raffle for Metro Manila. Best to use the online registration for the venue you intend to join in order to still be a part of the raffle for a particular venue