EDBP 2016 Personalized Design

For those who would like to customize their shirts.


  1. Please Download and Fill up this Excel File first.
  2. Prepare a high resolution image of your Logo, Company, Organization or Institution. Maximum Size is 8.3 in x 11.7 in.
  3. Use this form calculator to compute how much you will need to prepare
    • P350/shirt for Individual Shirts
    • P280/shirt for 10pcs and above
  4. Payment Options
    1. Credit Card and Debit Card Payments, go to the Registration Proper below.
    2. Bank Deposit Payments: Deposit first the amount to


Philippine Bicycle Organization Inc


Registration Proper

  1. Use this form to submit your Excel File + Logo, Deposit Slip (if bank deposit), or Pay by Credit or Debit Card

For pick up and delivery schedules please click here.