Bike Loan Program

NBO Bike Loan Program is here 🙂

This is the perfect way for companies and institutions to offer bike loans to their employees, because we will manage it for you! Through the NBO Bike Loan Program we will make sure your people get:

  1. A good deal: Sturdy, durable bikes with features perfect for bike commuting
  2. Good maintenance: Of course we will provide bikes that are tuned up, but when maintenance time comes we will also make sure your people get good service and that their bikes are always in shape
  3. Training to begin bike commuting: Through our Urban Riding Skills Clinic, your people will learn how to bike safely and competently in Metro Manila.


While working as a bicycle messenger in his mid 20’s, the NBO Founder saw so many workers using old, dilapidated, mis-fitting bicycles. A large number of blue collar workers also spend up to 50% of their salaries on commuting, but since they are trapped in circle of hand to mouth existence, saving up to afford a decent bicycle to break out of the cycle is something not possible.

The bike loan program started in 2016 as a way to support this sector that is not supported by others and would otherwise not be entertained by banks as most of these people do not have a bank account.

Although the NBO has donated it fair share of bikes to deserving individuals, we believe in the life changing power of accomplishment, workers take pride in standing up and supporting themselves and would excel if given a chance to accomplish something that can have a positive impact in their lives.

Since then we have expanded to accommodate those who would like to use e-bikes or e-scooters in order to encourage more people to start using alternative modes of transportation that will someday change our society for the better.


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