Bike Mechanics Certification Course

An initiative by AllianzPNB and the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GPCCI).

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WHAT is this project about?

Because of the rise of the number of Pinoy bikers in the country, this project aims to develop more modernly-trained bike mechanics in the Philippines to service this growing group. This is a continuation of Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc.’s Ride Safe CSR campaign that was initially launched in 2020, with the aim of promoting a healthy and more sustainable form of transport through biking.

Together with the German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce, we are working to create a training and certification course for current and aspiring bike mechanics.

All training and certification will be free! Allianz PNB Life Insurance, Inc. will also provide selected individuals with a livelihood package which includes:

  • Complete toolsets
  • Business registration
  • Up to P200,000 in spare parts and bike accessories, and other materials which each mechanic will use as seed money to begin their life as a full time professional mechanic.

WHO do we want as bike mechanics?

We want people who are or wish to be full time modern bike mechanics

  • Current bike mechanics who wish to learn modern bike mechanic techniques
  • Aspiring bike mechanics who wish to learn the trade

All applicants must have a passion for biking and developing a biking culture in the Philippines!

HOW can you help/be involved as a partner?

A community project like this on a National Scale is a huge undertaking. We need partners who can contribute their time and effort to make things happen so that more Pinoy bikers can eventually benefit. If you are one of the following, kindly send an email directly to

  • An academic willing to help edit the training modules into an acceptable format.
  • A current bike mechanic or someone knows a veteran mechanic who can benefit from this program.
  • An aspiring bike mechanic.
  • A bike shop who can supply parts at a discount (do not worry the parts shall be purchased from you).
  • A bike shop, LGU or academic institution who can host.
  • Someone who can help make this livelihood program happen in their area/region).
  • A vlogger who can help create awareness.

This is a community project. We are all volunteering our time for this cause, but any logistical, organizational expenses will be provided.